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Who I am…

I feel in my heart that I need to put this out there,I want people to know a part of who I am & what I’m about to avoid any type of confusion & misunderstandings if you thought any different.As I type this i could feel my eyes get watery because that’s how passionate I feel about this.This is me & nothing less,for a year now,the only people who knew this were my closest friends.I made a promise to God to wait until marriage to give my body to anyone & I intend to keep it.If you know me you know God is the most important being in my life,I can’t make it in this life without him,doing it my way has only got me hurt to the point where I had lost myself & forgot how much I am worth,I am very far from perfect,but I know what I deserve & as God’s child,I felt that I needed to start doing it his way instead of my own.This is very deep for me,very personal,I felt I needed to let it be known before anyone ends up disappointed when they realize that if they had different intentions than this,it’s not gonna happen & also for my friends who don’t understand.I don’t want to waste mine or anyones time.I am very happy with my decision to wait,I know God is very happy with me,this has NOT been easy, in a world where everything revolves around sex/lust,there is always temptations & people that’ll make you feel like you’re crazy,laugh at you for deciding to wait but I know in the end it will be worth it & I refuse to settle for less.I’m not worried about anyone who doesn’t support my decision,I’m still gonna continue to do me,only person i care about pleasing is God.I thank God for my friends who respect what I’m about & support me.I am very proud of who I am becoming w/the help of God.He knows my heart & each day I get closer to him.Nothing makes me happier than pleasing him.i still have a long way to go to be where he needs me to be but each day i get better.I am content in my life right now,I may not have everything I want but God provides me with everything I need.I’m focused on becoming a better me,I trust in God’s timing &when he decides it’s time for me to get married,I know I’ll be ready..until then..I’ll be doing me & continue on my journey growing in Christ.

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